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Today is world dream day!

A global initiative aimed at helping the world reach its full potential. We are a global movement supporting dreamers to move forward with their dreams and by doing so make the world a better place. Our values align to this at Ambulance Wish, where we support those who are terminally ill and non-mobile to make their dreams come true.

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Last Thursday we carried out a wonderful wish at Tropical World!

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Who doesn't love plants? They brighten up any and every room! It can be difficult to find the right pots to fit your decor though.. and that's where customisation comes in! A little patience and some craft paint is all you need.

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These wall decor DIY projects are unique, inexpensive, and the best part? You can make them this weekend with your own two hands!

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There’s something about the sticky texture and fragrant taste of lokum (Turkish delight) that makes it truly special to devour. Real lokum is usually made with gelatine, but this recipe uses cream of tartar instead so the whole thing is vegan friendly!

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It's easy to get stuck in a rut with breakfast, but it's important to start your day right with a burst of flavour and a boost of nutrition.

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Learning how to adapt can help you navigate through changes and, often, emerge in an even better position for the long run. Here are 5 ways to adapt during challenging times.

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Herbalism is a natural approach for treating illness and ailments. Learn how to use herbalism to grow your own wellbeing, strength and spirituality from your very own kitchen windowsill!

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With lockdown ending we're probably going to be spending less time at home soon!
So why not try out some of these cheap ideas to organise and declutter, making your busy post lockdown life a little easier.

  1. Wrap up your chargers and cables and tuck them inside an empty toilet roll tube to keep it tangle-free when not in use. You can also write what the cord is for on the outside of the tube.
  2. Use empty drink can boxes to organise tinned foods in your cupboards - this is particularly helpful if you like to stock up. Wrap the boxes with wrapping paper to make them prettier.
  3. Cut up cardboard boxes to make your own customised drawer dividers!
  4. Are you always losing hair bobbles? Store them on an empty toilet roll tube and you'll always know where to find them.
  5. Make magazine storage boxes out of cereal boxes. Again wrap the box with paper or fabric to match your aesthetic.
  6. Store pairs of earrings in ice cube trays and bracelets and necklaces in muffin trays. You'll never be left with odd earrings or a tangled necklace again!
  7. Organise office supplies in jars. Different size jars can be used for pens, pencils, rubber bands, paper clips and drawing pins.
  8. Hanging shoe organisers can be used to store hats, gloves, scarves and umbrellas.
  9. Store plastic shopping bags in an empty tissue or baby wipe box!
  10. Gift bags can be kept in an empty computer box so they don't get squished out of shape.


Hold on to sunny summer memories with pebble magnets!

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Throughout lockdown our ambulance has been busy carrying out deliveries in and around London. We've been to hospitals and hospices, community projects, even the o2! And it's all thanks to our volunteers.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation relies on volunteers and donations to carry out all wishes free of charge.

Find out more about volunteering with us by going to the volunteering section of our website ( We have a range of volunteer opportunities available to suit all schedules, whether you are able and willing to invest lots of time and energy into working with this charity, or you can only help out from time to time.

You can also donate to support our work at

We're not quite there yet for museums but gardens should be opening up soon! So now is the perfect time to start planning your next trips!

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We have been in lockdown for such a long time now and it's only natural to have mixed feelings about the situation changing!

Here we've collected some information and advice about dealing with your emotions at this time. The most important thing to remember is that there's no 'normal' response to lockdown or lockdown easing. Your feelings are valid and they may change from day to day!

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