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Herbalism is a natural approach for treating illness and ailments. Learn how to use herbalism to grow your own wellbeing, strength and spirituality from your very own kitchen windowsill!

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Benefits of Nature:

Humans and plants have evolved together - we share the same ancestors and are in essence made of the same stuff. 

Plants and people have lived together, side by side from the very beginning, sharing a rich, colourful history. We are intertwined.

How to use plants and herbs for growth:

Gardening can seem very daunting and complex, but growing herbs is one of the easiest ways that you can connect with plant medicine and empower yourself. Watch the first sprout of seed come up, followed by the unfurling leaves and growth skywards.

Growing new life from dormant seeds, facilitating the growth of food, beauty and medicine, is a deeply creative and nourishing action.

Gardening to support wellbeing:

Cultivating plants is an incredibly positive and rewarding experience. Watching your garden grow in front of your eyes and experiencing the gift of nature.

Herbs are beautiful plants and keep you nourished day to day in your food. They are both tasty and contain medicinal properties to support differing body systems.

Herbs can be grown inside on a sunny windowsill or out in the garden - some herbs to support specific needs include:

Lemon balm (nervous system tonic)

Calendula and elder tree (lymphatic and immune support)

Thyme (for healthy lungs)


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