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These wall decor DIY projects are unique, inexpensive, and the best part? You can make them this weekend with your own two hands!

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Abstract Art:

All you need for this is a canvas and some acrylic paint. 

Blob some paint onto the canvas and use a little chunk of cardboard to stroke the paint down. This keeps the paint thick and easy to blend. Once the first layer is dry, you can add more layers for texture.

Remember to step back so you can get an overview of your painting rather than focusing on small details.

Stencil Art

If you’ve been lusting after a wall pattern but stenciled walls are not in your rent agreement then here's your solution.

You can find loads of free stencil patterns online to print out. Simply tape one to a canvas and paint over them in a colour of your choice for a professional finish!

Top tip: don't use too much paint on your brush, otherwise you risk the colour bleeding under the stencil lines.

Fired Ink Art

You will need: picture frame, alcohol inks, rubbing alcohol, a lighter

The process couldn’t be simpler: remove the glass from a picture frame. Drop alcohol inks onto the glass, then add rubbing alcohol. Swirl to combine, then light the alcohol on fire. As the inks & alcohol burn, they create beautiful designs.

Once the fire has burned out, you can back the glass with white paper and place it into your frame - voilà!

Floral Hanging Headboard

You will need: a hot glue gun, clear fishing line, small nails or drawing pins, wire cutters and fake flowers (about 6 fake flower bouquets with around 12 flowers on each will be enough for a queen size bed).

Start by cutting your flowers off the bouquets to make them individuals. Try to cut them as close to the end (where all the stems gather) as possible.

Using your glue gun, put a dab of glue on the tip of the stem of a flower and then place that stem in the center petals of the flower you want to glue it to. You may need to glue some petals around the stem of the flower on top of it to be sure that it stays together.

Once you have your flower strands, you can hang them by tying a loop around the top flower head with fishing line. Then place a small nail or push pin into your wall near the ceiling and hang the fishing line on it. It is hard to notice the nail and fishing line and it will look like your flowers are floating.

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