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The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK’s mission is to give terminally ill and elderly people the resources, specialist transport and care they need to fulfil a wish.

With experienced volunteers and adapted ambulances, we fulfil the desires of those who hope of one final wish but need assistance.
Wishes can range from fish and chips at the seaside, visits to family members, watch their favourite sporting team anything is possible.
To do this we rely on volunteers, can you spare one day a month?
We are looking for people to do the following roles-

Wish Attendant Volunteer

  • Provide any support to the patient whilst in our care
  • Assist with the wish and all the patient needs
  • Support and liaise with the family of the patient pre/post wish where necessary
  • Liaise with the contact at the wish venue if required

Ambulance Driver Volunteers

  •  Complete and pre and post-trip checks of the vehicle
  • Complete all necessary paperwork per trip
  • Manual handling of the stretcher /wheelchair
  • Report any mechanical/technical issues found with the vehicle
  • Liaise with the contact at the wish venue, if required

Branch Co-ordinator Role

  • Recruit volunteers in local area
  • Brief volunteers on their roles and provide them with the all relevant information
  • Liaise and meet (virtually under current Government guidelines) with local volunteers on regular basis to motivate and support, aiding retention
  • Contact and support volunteers following a wish to ensure their wellbeing
  • Issue all AWF information, keeping volunteers updated of national developments and opportunities
  • Attend local volunteer events as representative of AWF-UK
  • Share best practise and achievements with the AWF-UK Management Team

Wish Researcher Role

Coordinate the process of granting wishes
  • Research all options for delivering wishes
  • Coordinate all specific aspects involved with the wish, including but not limited to: transportation, accommodations, services, medical equipment, liability forms
  • Assist to define wish and clarify process with volunteers and wish families.
  • Communicate with health care professionals; volunteers and family members to ensure each wish proceeds in the best interest of the service user
  • Monitor progress of each wish and ensure wish proceeds in a timely manner.
  • Complete Wish Record Data entry to ensure each record is complete and up to date

Community Fundraiser Role

  • Placing collection boxes in appropriate sites in your local area.
  • Dealing with the administration of the collection boxes(includes collecting and count money, paying into the AWF-UK bank account, providing receipts and keeping records of money collected at each site).
  • Identifying new sites in your local area where collection boxes can be placed.
  • Supporting us at street and store collections.
  • Collect and bank public cheque donations from around your local area, liaising with local charity ambassador.
  • Promote the Ambulance Wish Foundation UK by helping convey our fundraising messages, using social media, local media in your local area.
  • Supporting our local and national campaigns.

Events Coordinator Role

  • Identify opportunities to hold local events including attending local summer fairs, county shows, music festivals etc
  • Understand all requirements for each event
  • Plan event with attention to financial and time constraints
  • Book venues, contact speakers, ‘star attendees’ etc
  • Contact and work with the local Branch Manager to find appropriate volunteers
  • Research vendors (catering, decorators, musicians etc.) and choose the best combination of quality and cost (negotiating to achieve the most favourable terms)
  • Manage all event operations (publicity, preparation to clear up).
  • Do final checks at the day of the event to ensure everything meets standards
  • Resolve any developing problems as quickly as possible.
  • Evaluate the event’s success and disseminate information to all branches

Charity Ambassador

  • Give general talks to raise awareness of charity throughout local health and social care services, local community groups and local businesses.
  • Give talks to community organisations who have supported or who are considering supporting The Ambulance Wish Foundation - UK
  • Attend cheque presentations or local events on behalf of The Ambulance Wish Foundation and officially thanking donors and hosts for their support
  • Give school, college and university talks to classes and assemblies
  • Seek and facilitate approaches to local organisations and schools Identify and develop potential fundraising opportunities within local groups.
Please contact us if you would like more information on how you can become part of something amazing!

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The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK’s mission is to give our service users, the resources, specialist transport and appropriate care they need to make memories and fulfil a wish.